Elvis always had tickets to his concerts, wherever we went, there were a block of tickets, usually on the second or third row, that were Elvis’s. Sometimes it would be a whole row, but they were his to give to whomever he chose. Many times there were numerous tickets left, and Joe Esposito would let me have the tickets. I would go out in front of the coliseum, after the show started, when Jackie Cahane was doing the comedy warm up part before Elvis came on.

When I was out front everybody knew I was with Elvis, I had my badge on and I would talk to people.  Then I would decide who wanted to get in the most, and would give them those tickets. It was unbelievable to give tickets to a small group of people or a family who were there just hoping to get a glimpse of him. Not only did they get to see Elvis, but they had the best seats in the house.